About Certified Heating and Air Conditioning

About Certified Heating and Air Conditioning

Bryan Arlaud grew up in the small town of Prescott, Arizona. A fourth-generation tin bender, Bryan has been in the trade industry practically his whole life. In fact, his nickname growing up was “Tin Knocker” because he was always pounding on or building something out of sheet metal.

The Journey To A Great HVAC Business

Bryan’s great-grandparents owned a sheet metal and heating shop in Oklahoma. His grandfather got HVAC experience while serving in the Army, and once Bryan’s grandfather retired, he continued working in this field. Bryan’s father, on the other hand, worked in the field to start until he transitioned into the wholesale side of the business, successfully growing the company to be one of the largest wholesale suppliers of plumbing, electrical, and HVAC in the country.

Certified Heating and Air Bryan Arlaud and Team

Bryan’s journey began while playing in the warehouse. He was then offered to clean his father’s friend’s sheet metal shop for extra money. By the time he was 14, Bryan started helping them make sheet metal fittings after school while also keeping the shop cleaned and organized. This later turned into him becoming an installer. Bryan worked his way up from being an install helper to the lead installer. He was an installer for eight years installing in existing residential as well as new construction and also light commercial.

The Business - HVAC Services In Concord, CA

In 2002, Bryan moved to California and found employment with a small mom-and-pop shop working out of Concord. This is where he began a Comfort Advisor role. This led to him becoming the sale manager, and successfully running the company for the next four years. The opportunity then came for Bryan to step back into field work as a service technician. He has been in this field for the last 10 years and grew to be a service advisor, training other people to expand their knowledge of the industry.

All of this experience and knowledge is what has led Bryan to follow in his family’s footsteps and open the doors at Certified Solar, Heating & Air Conditioning. He does this with a strong passion to help other people grow and change their lives while also changing the lives of the people we serve.

What Makes Our Team Culture Unique?

All of our team members are clean-cut, drug-tested, and background-checked. This ensures that our customers can have peace of mind when our team members are in their homes.

We believe that by supplying our team members with opportunities for growth, training, benefits, and pay that we will continue to attract high-quality personnel.

We provide our team members with in-house training, vendor training, and on-site training throughout the year. We believe that you should always be the student as this will help with personal growth which in turn ensures that our customers are always taken care of.

We have a firm belief that everything is based on relationships, the more we remember the importance of a quality relationship the greater the unity the company will have with its community.

Our Performance Pledge

“Always treat the client as if they are the only one we have and do everything in our power to provide a service like no other they have received ”.

Core Values

  1. Commitment to the personnel: At Certified, we know that the best way to serve our clients is to first and foremost serve our team members. We treat team members as if they are a part of the family. In turn, our team members treat our clients as if they are a part of the Certified family. This will continue to allow for the unprecedented growth of the company.  We must always remember that the number one ingredient to Certified’s magic is our team.
  2. Client-focused: Knowing that the number one person in the team members’ life is the client. The more we remember that every client feels as if they are the only client we have, the better experience they will have. Every client wants to be noticed, heard, and taken care of. We will strive to treat every client as if they were our last.
  3. Quality of the team: We strive to cultivate the best people in the Industry.  We do this by recruiting, referring, developing from within, and the level of commitment we have to our craft. The better the person onboarding, combined with the openness of the team for inclusion and collaboration, is one of the highest virtues we can have.
  4. Self-improvement: We must always remember that we are students of our craft. We reach the highest of heights when we live open to learning, positive change, and growth. The more we grow, the better chance we have at raising up others around us. In turn, we grow together, making a difference in our families, communities, and each other.