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Community Minded

Our commitment to the people of the community runs deeper then just the youth sports teams and charities we sponsor.

Meet Noah Bentley, he is an 11-year old that required open heart surgery. Noah’s father is a proud member of the United States Army and is a bay area native. Noah played football on one of the football teams we support. When we heard about this young man needing such a major surgery we sprung into action. Certified ran a promotion where 10 dollars of every tune-up or service call we ran over 3 months was donated to the family. This helped tremendously with the costs of travel and lodging for the Bentley family.

We would also like to introduce you to the Smith family. Miss Smith son Camron has special requirements that he needs to ensure his well being. After the family had some not so pleasant experiences with other contractors a message for help was sent out on facebook. This message made it back to the team at certified from several different sources. After visiting with the family it was very apparent they were in need of help. With the support of the certified team, Goodman manufacturing, and Brentwood rotary we were able to get a new system in before a heat wave hit.

"Being apart of the community is being apart of something bigger than yourself."

- Bryan Arlaud, Family Business Owner

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