AC Installation in Concord, CA

AC Installation in Concord, CA and the Surrounding Areas

AC Installation

Are you tired of battling the Bay area heat? Or maybe your current air conditioning unit is on its last legs? Whatever the case may be, at Certified Heat and Air Conditioning we’ve installed thousands of air conditioners over the past two decades. If you’ve already done some research you’ll know that there’s a lot of choice out there when it comes to what kind of air system you could install in your home. | AC Installation |

Save Time, Energy, and Money

Lots of our clients spent hours online looking at the pros and cons of air conditioning units and ended up with more questions than answers and quite often a headache to boot! Before you waste anymore time, energy, and possibly your money, you should know that the most important thing about your air conditioning unit is the way it’s installed.

Best Deal on AC Unit Installation

Did you know that 80%  Americans only need to purchase one air conditioning system every 10 years when they have it professionally installed? To get you the best deal and ensure that you’re fully covered for maintenance of your new system, let us help you. At Certified Heating and Air we already know all the brands come with their own strengths and weaknesses and we’ll work to find the best one for you.

Air Conditioning Unit Factors

  • The shape and size of the unit
  • Running costs
  • If your home doesn’t have A/C – are the ducts in your home compatible with it
  • The Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio
  • Add-ons to help your system run better

Licensed and Trained HVAC Technicians

All Certified technicians are trained and licensed to answer your questions, solve any problems, and install a central air system that will save you money on utilities in the long-run, that’s one of the reasons it’s vital to have your system fitted correctly- if it’s a poor fit, you could actually end up losing more money! There are many optional extras and product features available in many of the quality brands we install – if you’re worried about the price, well don’t be. Our clear price guide details all costs and once we are able to assess your needs we’ll be able to make a product recommendation in our no-obligation assessment  if you’re still unsure.

Other Reasons to Call Certified for Your Air Conditioner Installation:

  • All the brands we install come with warranties
  • Installation service from us comes with maintenance deals and discounts
  • Extensive product and installation  knowledge
  • Quick installation time with site clear up included in the service
  • Years of experience

Certified Performance Agreement

If you come to us for an installation, we’ll look after all your air conditioning needs for the long haul and give you our Certified Performance Agreement that covers your system for a bi-annual maintenance check to ensure everything stays in the order. You can probably tell at Certified Heat and Air Conditioning we’re pretty passionate about air conditioning, so you don’t have to be!

For AC Installation in Concord, Oakley & Brentwood CA as well as the Surrounding Areas, give us a call today!

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