AC Replacement/Install In Concord, CA

AC Replacement/Installation In Concord, Brentwood, Oakley, CA, And Surrounding Areas
Why Work With Certified For AC Installation and Replacement?
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Different contractors will give you different quotes. Some of them will be very low (bad) and some of them will be very high (also bad). Here’s what matters – knowledge and expertise of your AC system, so it can be replaced and installed properly. Can you trust the contractor will do the right thing each step of the way?

When you come to us for AC installation, we’ll make sure you have our Certified Performance Agreement. This covers your system for a bi-annual maintenance check to ensure your unit is performing as expected for the first year.

Things To Consider For AC Replacement

We will take a look at your current usage patterns to determine what SEER Rating your new unit will need. This will help us determine which unit is right for your home and budget. Sometimes a more efficient unit can cost more up front but save in the long run. It depends on your home’s needs. Our promise is we find the proper solution for you.

Do you have a finished basement? A finished attic space? The size of your home clearly makes a difference in the cost of your unit. But Northern California also has a variety of climate factors and home types that could change the approach. We won’t just quote you. We’ll explain why.

Many HVAC outfits try to install units without considering your old duct system. This is a square peg in a round hole! If your duct system is leaky, or was not installed properly, it will cause major headaches for your new unit. If you’ve noticed changes to your energy bill recently, this could be the issue why.

If you are searching for reliable heating and AC technicians in North and East Bay, give
Certified Heating & Air Conditioning a try. We have established a solid customer
foundation in Contra Costa county over the past four years because of our dedication to the customer backed by numerous guarantees. We are home of the FREE second opinion, so if you feel like you’ve been treated unfairly by another company, call us – our family-owned, family-run company will bring you in and treat you as our own.

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