Air Duct Repair and Service in Concord, CA

Air Duct Repair and Service in Concord, CA and the Surrounding Areas

Air Duct Repair

Most people think that servicing their heating and air systems on a regular basis is enough to keep them in good shape for the long-haul. While this, in fact, goes around two-thirds of the way, the often neglected last third is the missing element in ensuring the longevity of your system – and this is none other than the air ducts! | Air Duct Repair |

Air Ducts Hiding in Your Home

People usually take care of things they can actually see and touch first.  Don’t worry though, our team at Certified Heating and Air understands that you’re probably not paying a lot of attention to the air ducts in your home. If you can’t see too many of them don’t worry, sometimes they’re concealed in floors, in storage areas or placed high up in the ceiling. They may also be hiding in corners you never really noticed but get to see everyday.

Dirt and Dust Float Around

Your heating and air could be working at an optimum rate but if your air ducts are damaged or in need of some attention then a lot of your heating and air is getting trapped or mixed up with bits of dirt, dust, and other bits you don’t want floating around your home.

Heating or AC Becomes Ineffective

In some ways air ducts are the heart of any central heating and air system, working to pump air throughout the building, so we’re here to help you take better care of them. Unfortunately, most people often realize their air ducts need repairing when their heat or air becomes ineffective. There are some small, less obvious signs that the air ducts in your home may need repairing or replacing. The side effects of leaving this untreated can be unpleasant.

Excessive Dust and Stuffy Rooms

If you think you’re being troubled by any of the following in your home, it’s a good idea to give us a call and we’ll come and have a look for you. The most usual culprits are none other than stale or stuffy air, excessive dust floating around, all the way to dark marks on your carpets, under doors, and walls (particularly on the corners). Adding to those we have  residents being prone to sickness, sinus problems, or asthma.

Damaged Air Ducts

Lots of people tend to put these kinds of problems down to their house being old, environmental issues, or just the time of year. There may also be some areas of your house that feel much warmer or colder than other areas, in this case it’s usually because an air duct is close by and you’re getting the full effects of your heating and air. Damaged air ducts are one of the most common un-diagnosed reasons for high utility bills. For any of you who scratch your head at your quarterly statements and think you don’t use that much heating or air but your bills remain sky-high, well, here’s your answer.

HVAC Experts

Benefit today from quality services by our team of experts at Certified and your bi-annual air duct servicing will never be a problem again! Take control and call us today for an assessment, so you can get back to living in a clean and comfortable home in no time!

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