Air Scrubbing in Concord, CA

Air Scrubbing in Concord, CA and the Surrounding Areas

Air Scrubbing in Concord, CAAir Scrubbers are excellent devices to install in your home. Such an air cleaning system keeps your indoor air clean, pure, and healthy. You do not have to take a trip to mountain to breathe fresh and clean air. The indoor air of your home can have the same purity and quality as air on mountains and in national parks. Without such a device, the indoor air inside a home can be dirty and unhealthy. The reasons can be airborne dust, dirt, mold spores, and germs. Toxic gases are released during the cooking process and when someone smokes. Various synthetic household items emit toxic gases. All these airborne pollutants worsen health problems like asthma and allergic reaction. Some health problems caused by toxic indoor air develop slowly over time. Do not put health of your loved ones at risk. | Air Scrubbing in Concord, CA |

Cleaning and Purification Systems

Air Scrubbers help you control all such air pollutants. We install Air Scrubber Plus which is a highly advanced air cleaning and purification system. This air cleaning device has been made with space technology. It incorporates revolutionary ActivePure technology which has been developed in close cooperation with NASA. The Air Scrubber Plus removes dust, cigarette smoke, chemical odor, cooking odors, pet odor, mold, pollen, and other air pollutants.

Clean, Freshen, and Purify the Air

The Air Scrubber Plus can clean, freshen, and purify the air of a 3000 square feet indoor area. It uses UV light germicidal waves and a proprietary catalytic air cleaning process to remove all airborne pollutants and clean the air. This device has a honeycomb surface coated in titanium oxide and reactive metals. It generates charged clusters of oxygen and hydrogen through catalytic reaction. This air cleaning system will be installed above the air handler of HVAC. Call us now to install this powerful air purification device in your home. We have been operating in this industry for last 20 years. We provide our services throughout the Bay Area and surrounding areas.

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