August 13, 2017

The Traits Of A Great Air Conditioning Service 

Are you struggling to find a good air-conditioning service that will do your air-conditioning repairs and maintenance? We specialize in repairs and maintenance services and understand it can be difficult to find good service these days. We are here to give some tips on what to look for in order to find a good service. […]
August 12, 2017

Five Great Ways To Maximize Your AC Output This Summer

If you just got a new AC installed or your old unit serviced, you’ve done yourself a great service. Heating and AC installation service Oakland Hills CA is only the first step towards a happy and comfortable home this summer. Here are five ways to maximize the output of your new AC unit. After all, no one […]
August 11, 2017

3 Things You Should Look For In AC Maintenance And Repair Services

There is nothing worse than your air conditioner failing you right when you need it the most. There are countless reasons why your AC unit malfunctions. Since air conditioners are important investments, you have to make sure that you handle your AC with care and offer it the best AC maintenance and repair service Walnut Creek […]
July 15, 2017

Will Your AC Unit Be Able To Handle The Summer Scorchers?

Do you love summer? Heck yes! Of course you do. Summer is by far one of the best seasons. There is so much more to do. The only problem is that heat, it can be a bit overbearing at times, right? Well, why not escape it through ensuring your AC is prepared and will not […]
July 14, 2017

Why Choosing The RIght Contractor Is Essential For Cooling Comfort

Are you in the market for a new air-conditioning unit for your home? Perhaps you are struggling to find a certified professional to help you choose the best product? Some people hate shopping around and need a helping hand. The thought of having to buy a new air-conditioner can seem overwhelming. Having an HVAC contractor in […]
July 13, 2017

How To Find The Best AC Contractor In Concord

Do you have no idea how to choose an air conditioning contractor Concord CA? That’s okay because most people don’t! Certified Heating & Air Conditioning has provided lots of AC services to the area for years. We help with repairs, installations, and maintenance amongst other services. We’re also one of the most experienced in the area. […]
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