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Certified Heating and Air Conditioning Services in the Bay area

Certified Heating and Air Conditioning is a reputable heating, ventilation and air conditioning company that has been servicing the Bay area since 2002. With over 20 years of experience in the HVAC industry, we specialize in all areas of heating, indoor air quality and cooling. We are serious about putting our clients first which is why we are licensed and insured. So, you have complete peace of mind when you deal with us. We also make sure that all our team members go for drug and background tests, so that we only have the highest quality of staff on our team.

Heating Maintenance Service in the Bay Area

You invest a lot of money when you buy a heater for your home. This is because it is a worthwhile investment into your home comfort needs. A newly installed heater will work like a charm, but to keep it working that way will take some maintenance. Like all machine and appliances in your home, your heater is not self-maintaining and you need to get professional technicians to keep it in good running order. Preventative maintenance is referred to when you have technicians coming over at scheduled periods of time to clean and thoroughly inspect your heater. This ensures that any dirt or debris are removed before causing too much build up or problems. It also ensures that all parts that are not in good working order are either repaired or replaced. The benefits of maintenance is that you can have these minor issues resolved, before they lead to bigger problems, like eventual break down.

If you have had your heater for quite a few years and want to make sure that everything is in good order, contact Certified Heating and Air Conditioning and we will send over our professional technicians to assess your heating system.