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Furnace Replacement and Service Oakland Hills CA

Furnace Replacement and Service Oakland Hills CA

Certified Heating and Air Conditioning have been providing furnace replacement and service Oakland Hills, CA area for well over a decade.

Furnace Services

Our experiences have led us to create simple and affordable solutions to help you manage the cost and stress that can arise when you have an issue with your furnace. We pride ourselves on offering a clear, no strings-attached service available for all heating and air systems.

It’s pretty common for furnaces to give up the ghost, and we often forget it takes a lot to heat our homes especially during the colder months.

If you need a furnace replacement, our no obligation quotation will specify what product would work best in place of your old one. Regardless of your needs, we offer twice yearly performance checks at no extra cost on all furnace replacement and service options to ensure your furnace continues to run efficiently.

Choose Certified

Our heating technicians are fully certified and insured to carry out all furnace replacement and service tasks. They also understand how dangerous and inconvenient it is when your furnace isn’t running effectively or completely shuts down.

In many newer systems, the gas heating and structure of the furnace is more complex than a standard boiler, so it’s risky to try and tackle the job yourself.

To save you time and effort and ensure your safety, Certified Heating and Air Conditioning are more than happy to visit your home for a free assessment to advise and assist you with all your furnace concerns.

You really do need a professional for the job, and our technicians aim to find a solution for every customer during their initial visit to your home. If you’re concerned about the function, effectiveness or sound – yes we get a lot of calls about mysterious noises! – Dial (925) 800-6277 or send us an email, and we can schedule the best time for one of our technicians to come and take a look.