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Furnace Replacement Services Lafayette CA

Furnace Replacement Services Lafayette CA

Is your furnace on its last legs? Is it making strange sounds, turning on and off, or has it stopped working entirely?

Don’t panic. At Certified Heating and Air we’ve been handling furnace replacement services for as long as some of these furnaces have been installed.

Servicing Lafayette CA

We know a lot of people put off inquiring about furnace replacement services due to fear of the cost. That’s why we’ve created our very own pricing guide that offers a wide range of replacement furnace solutions from premium brands at a fair price.

Don’t trust any companies that try to tell you what you need before even so much as looking at your furnace.

While any trained heating specialist should have a good idea why your furnace is under performing or not working, no true professional would diagnose or order products over the phone. That’s why our fully qualified technicians go to hundreds of call-outs every month in the Lafayette area to assess the right solution for each home individually.

Our free, no obligation quote will be given to you. This is a clear document detailing what the technician has found and what kind of parts or services would be best for you.

Certified Commitment

All queries can be discussed and a plan made to complete all replacement works at a time to suit you.

All our staff know the pros and cons of all the top furnace brands and will identify which would be most suitable for both your home and your budget. It’s worth mentioning to your technician if you’ve been experiencing higher utility bills, as your furnace could be to blame.

That alone is a great reason to get a free assessment to see if our furnace replacement services could improve your home and your wallet in one!

From a technical standpoint, at Certified Heating and Air, we understand the dangers of using an old furnace that’s in poor condition. Our main concern is keeping you safe, which is why we include a free bi-annual maintenance review on any furnace installations we do.

Please contact us at (925) 800-6277 if you’re in need of furnace replacement services Lafayette CA. We’re certified, so you don’t have to be!