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Heater Maintenance and Replacement Service Walnut Creek CA

Here at Certified Heating and Air Conditioning, we’re happy to provide heater maintenance and replacement service in the Walnut Creek, CA district.

In our 14 years of business in the East bay area, we’ve helped thousands of residential and commercial clients maintain and upgrade their heating systems.

As you’re here and looking for a heater maintenance and replacement service local to you, maybe you could use a hand too?

Certified Replacements

More often that not, by the time our customers reach out to us regarding their heating system, they’re in need of such a large repair or overhaul due to old, poorly maintained or incorrectly installed heating, that the best and most cost-effective option would be a full replacement.

The good news is, we’re always able to respond quickly when you’re in need of this sort of service. We can appreciate how difficult it is to be without heat, especially during the colder months.

One of the main reasons most of us put off calling a company like ours that replaces these heaters is for fear of the cost. Recognizing this, we created our smart price guide, which details the cost of each product, along with any service charges. So everything is upfront and honest, there’s a variety of payment solutions to ensure that quality heating is something everyone can afford.

Our team of heating technicians works in Walnut Creek CA on a daily basis, so quite often we can come and give you a free assessment the same day you reach out if it suits you.

Heater Maintenance

A lot of heating replacements could be avoided, if all home and business owners made sure that their heater was in good working order. It’s not anything too technical, and the backbone of regular heating maintenance is basic cleaning!

We’re sorry for adding another chore to your list, but doing this at least once every few months will ensure you don’t need to call out a heater maintenance and replacement service for a big job in the future.

If you do require more advanced heating maintenance or decide to use our company’s replacement service, we’ll automatically give you two annual maintenance checks on the house to catch any performance issues – or dirt!

Please call Certified Heating & Air Conditioning at (925) 800-6277 if you’d like for us to take a look at your heater and receive a free assessment.