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Keeping the temperature right from summer to winter could naturally wear out a dear old air conditioner. From the day it is installed, an air conditioner’s engine would be exercising every day, requiring maintenance twice a year to help it through the turbulent seasons, until one day, it starts creaking. With almost 15 years of experience in hand, Certified Heating and Air Conditioning has been providing the best heater repair service in Orinda, CA since 2002. Our mission is to ensure customers the best indoor living all year round.


Standing by the motto “Certified Care for your Heating and Air”, our team members seek dedication and quality. Customers would find security with the requirements our members undertake. Our members are trained in a very demanding environment to ensure high-quality service from their own hands. Our work will show during and after we’ve fixed your air conditioner. Plus, if the job is not up to your liking, the company guarantees a 100% refund.


We always have our clients’ best interest in mind, from the utmost service we offer to the most affordable price you can ask for. To get the most of your money, we make sure you will know exactly what you need. We promise to support our customers in making the best decision in every transaction.


Are strange odors coming from your air conditioner? Are allergies acting up from excessive dust? Is your skin getting dry and itchy? Here in our heater repair service Orinda, CA the most important goal is giving attention in maintaining your duct system to also maintain the quality of your family’s health and living.

Certified Heating and Air Conditioning believes in building strong relationships with its customers to create a stronger and bigger relationship with its community. If you are in need of work for your HVAC system, contact us at (925) 800-6277 now!