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Heater Replacement and Service Oakland Hills CA

Best Heater Replacement and Service in Oakland Hills CA

Breaking a sweat just by sitting on a chair? Freezing under the blankets at night? Then perhaps it’s time to have a heater and an air conditioner installed right at your home. Already have one but needs some fixing? Or maybe a whole new replacement is needed? Well regardless, our heater replacement and service Oakland Hills CA has the right set of skills just for the job. Since our birth back on 2002, our mission has always been giving homeowners the highest quality in our heating and air conditioning services.


A licensed and insured contracting company, Certified Heating and Air Conditioning provides members with proper training and growth, putting them under the stress of the real job before setting them out into the field. All of our technicians are certified professionals in their field. Having our team members fixing your home will leave you no worries.


Our professional technicians are practiced on the latest training and tools and would scan your home for an examination, presenting it to you afterward so you can thoroughly decide on your next step. Our pricing guide is easily understandable to advise our customers the best way to spend money.


Check out your air conditioning regularly. Be sure to give the appropriate care and maintenance to keep them running at their maximum efficiency. A faulty duct system can cost you more than you expect, not only in money but also in health. Our heater replacement and service here in Oakland Hills, CA are responsible for treating the most overlooked parts of the system.

Certified Heating and Air Conditioning prioritizes in giving the utmost quality in our work to keep customers coming back for more.

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