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Certified Heating and Air Conditioning have built a reputation as the leading service provider for all your heating and cooling system requirements in the California and surrounding areas. We have been offering our experience and expertise with our customer since 2002. Our list of satisfied customers is reward for our hard work and dedication to providing quality service.

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With 20 years of experience in trade, it is safe to say that we know what we are talking about and how to provide the correct service and product for any situation. We are fully licensed and we are extensively insured. Our staff are experienced allowing our customer the peace of mind that should something unfortunate happen, there will be no implications on them.The owner of our business comes from a lineage that has always been involved in heating and air conditioning and he is passionate about providing the best for his customers at all times. He has worked in the field as a technician and understands the issues that face technicians on daily basis and the necessity of keeping the customer happy. By implementing a caring, family style work environment , we encourage our staff to keep providing the quality service for which we are known. We take care of our staff so that they will continue to look after our customers. Our staff display professionalism in every task they undertake and will not leave any job until the customer is completely satisfied with the work carried out and completed.


Heating and cooling is what allows our customers to experience comfort at it’s best. When a customer pays good money for little luxuries in life, they expect to get what they are paying for. These kinds of systems are not cheap and are more of an investment in your property than anything else. The systems are installed to perform a purpose and it is integral that the installation specialist ensures that the system in s running correctly and to it’s full potential. These systems require regular maintenance and in some instances replacement. We are more than capable of maintaining any heating or cooling system as well the associated ducting. A perfectly working system with faulty ducting is worthless. We offer furnace replacement services Moraga CA as well as duct clearing, cleaning and repairs and if need be replacement of damaged sections. The trick is to maintain the entire system at one time to prevent parts of the system failing at different times. Our competent staff will always recommend the most cost effective way to reinstate your system back to it’s full glory and have your home glowing warm as quickly as possible.

Call us today and experience the respect and care that only a family business can provide. We care about our customers and their satisfaction. Call us today for service that will blow you away. Certified Heating and Air Conditioning (925) 800-6277.