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Here's Why You Should Run Maintenance On Your AC During Spring

Get Your Air Conditioner Ready for Spring!

As days go by, the gray mantle of winter starts to slip from our shoulders making way to spring. Along come the first leaves and flowers, and of course, the first rays of sun that actually feel warmer than last month’s blinding and yet not warming daylight.

Many consider Spring the real start of the year in some ways. Some do spring cleaning, some decide to run maintenance on old appliances to avoid future problems during summer. Well, we at Certified Heating & Air Conditioning very much believe in being preventive. To us, besides being the time in the year when we can go out with fewer layers than an onion, it also brings a new wave of changes in the workload. As we have experienced for over 20 years, one of the best moments to have your AC checked, and if you don’t have one, well this is also a great time to have our Heating and AC installation service in Oakland hills, CA.

We’d like to share with you some of the benefits that a spring maintenance on your AC will bring to you and your home.

You will be prepared

The first and most obvious benefit of having your AC system checked and maintained during spring is that there will be no unfortunate surprises during summer. As a preventive measure, this will not only let you know whether everything’s right with your unit or not; it will also spare you a headache in the future if there’s something wrong that could have been averted. Just as going on a trip, you wouldn’t hop in the car with your family before checking if it everything is tuned and working perfectly.

Your AC will live longer

This is an advantage that comes with maintenance regardless the time of the year you choose. However, doing it during a season where you don’t need your AC won’t interfere with your daily routine and comfort. Everything that you might not have gotten checked during winter, all the little branches or leaves that might have fallen into the during autumn can be taken care of, minimizing the chances of an emergency repair when you need it most.

You keep your AC’s power leveled

We have a little bit of a fun fact for you, your Air Conditioner will lose around 5% of its total energy efficiency every year if it doesn’t go under maintenance. This will mean that you will end up paying more to have your unit do the same work, only it will be gradually harder on the system and thus it will require more electricity. If that’s not motivating enough, think of all the delicious ice creams you can have in summer with what you will end up saving within time.

We at Certified Heating & Air Conditioning live by the motto: “CERTIFIED CARE FOR YOUR HEATING AND AIR.” This means all you’ll have to worry about is what refreshing drink to have while your systems work to perfection. Whether you need a repair, replacement, maintenance or Heating and AC installation service in Oakland hills, CA, we’ll be there for you. Give us a call today at (925) 800-6277, we have 24/7 service!