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5 Signs Your Heater Needs Repair

Hearing unusual ticks and hums? Pilot flame looking strange? Smells got you concerned? Check through this list of signs your furnace needs a tune-up. At Certified Heating and Air Conditioning, we offer over twenty years’ experience in heater repair service in Lafayette, CA to get your furnace running smoothly.

1. Unusual Noises

Some humming and noise from the furnace are normal. If you’re hearing lots of rattling or banging noises, though, it could be a sign that your furnace is at the end of it’s life. Also, if your blower goes on and off frequently, your furnace probably isn’t running effectively. Have a certified technician take a look to see if a repair can take care of these problems or if a replacement is the more efficient route.

2. Orange Pilot Flame

The cone of your pilot flame on your heater should look mostly blue with a yellow-orange tip. If very little blue is showing, your furnace might be giving off deadly carbon monoxide. Since carbon monoxide is hard to detect because it’s odorless, here are some additional signs to check for:

  • Soot streaks behind your furnace
  • Extra moisture trapped in the house around windows and walls
  • No upward chimney draft
  • Rust on pipes around your furnace

If several of these signs are present, leave your house and call your gas company to shut it off. We will come look at the furnace but want you to be safe first and foremost.

3. Something Smells Off

Musty smells could be an indication of extra dust and allergens, or worse, deadly mold circulating your home. We recommend a maintenance check once or twice a year to help these buildups from occurring, but during repair service, we will take care of the internal cleaning of vents and filters and give you recommendations for future maintenance.

If you smell egg-like gas smells, call us right away, this is a sure sign of a carbon monoxide gas leak. Burning plastic or metallic smells are also signs you should call for heater repair service in Lafayette, CA right away, as something inside your furnace may be overheating. Turn it off right away and make that call.

4. Bills Are On the Rise

Your bills should be predictable around our California weather, especially if you have properly sealed the ducts in your home. A sudden jump in heating costs might mean your furnace isn’t working efficiently. Why? It could have clogs of dust and dirt trapped inside behind the filter, electrical wiring issues, or be in need of other maintenance. If its internal parts are wearing out, it might be better to start researching a replacement furnace. We will look it over with you and give you options including our honest opinion.

5. Fickle Thermostat

Constantly reaching to adjust the thermostat? Your furnace may be struggling to distribute heat evenly through your home. If some rooms are roasting while others feel cold, you may need a repair.

We hope this list helps you determine if you’re in need of heater repair service in Lafayette, CA.
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