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Be Smart About Cooling Your Home

When it comes to hot times of the year in our Florida humidity, it’s likely you’re running your home AC unit often to keep comfortable. Make sure your cooling unit is running at its most efficient by following these four easy steps.

  1. Change filters regularly.

Smooth airflow through the AC will let it run smoothly without adding more cost to your energy bill by making the system work harder than it should to pull air past a dirty filter. In addition, running your AC unit with dirty filters over time will put more strain on your system and could lead to expensive repairs or early replacement, not to mention the hassle. If your unit breaks down, you’ll be stuck in the Florida heat waiting for a repair.

Change filters monthly during the warmest weather, when you’re running your AC constantly. In times you run it less, you could wait two or three months, but check the filter every two months and if it’s dirty, change it.

  1. Repair and insulate your ductwork.

Make sure cooling and heating ducts around your home are properly sealed. We spend over half of our annual energy costs in the home on heating and cooling, so make sure you’re not losing what you pay for. Up to one third of the air conditioning you run through the home could be lost due to improperly sealed or leaking ducts. This is an easy job for a homeowner to patch, but your ac technician can show you which areas to patch during an inspection or do this work for you, especially if you have extensive repairs needed.

  1. Keep Vent Registers Open and Free of Blockage

Just as airflow through your filter to your AC unit is crucial, so is the circulation of air around your home. Make sure nothing is in the way of your vents, including furniture. If you love the placement of furniture in a room but it’s blocking a vent, consider moving it for at least the warmest times of year. The effect of blocking vents is uneven air pressure through the AC ventilation system and this can cause your machine to have to work harder and also cause uneven temperatures throughout your home.

  1. Get an annual maintenance appointment.

Each year, you should have a maintenance and inspection of your AC or HVAC unit to make sure it’s running smoothly without blockages. This is a well-worth it investment because it will help extend the life of your air conditioner. Also, it will keep the air quality in your home higher. During these appointments, a technician will clean out the vents and areas behind the filter where dirt, allergens, and contaminants hide. Especially as air filters fill up with dirt and particles, these materials escape past them into the system, building up over time. Getting this cleaning will help reduce allergy and respiratory ailments for you and your family. This is also a time your technician will charge the coolant in your system if it’s low and lubricate all moving parts.

By having a regular “checkup”, your technician can spot and repair problems while they’re minor, keeping costs down for you and helping you avoid a literally sticky situation being shot in the heat with an air conditioning unit freeze-up or breakdown.

We hope these steps are helpful to you in maintaining your AC unit.

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