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Get the Right Duct Design for Enhanced Comfort and Efficiency

In addition to ensuring that the HVAC system in your home is functioning to the best of its ability, you also need to ensure that you have the right duct design by hiring a professional heating maintenance and repair services Concord, CA contractor to inspect your current system for flaws. Without the right duct design and installation, the warm air from your unit will not be circulated effectively around the house. This will affect the efficiency of the HVAC as well as comfort in your home this winter.

If you would like to have the right duct systems designed for your new HVAC installation or are suspecting that your contractor did not do a thorough job, give us a call today for efficient and reliable services. If hired for this project, the following are some of the aspects we will consider to ensure that you have a highly efficient duct design in your home:

One Return and One Supply

Based on the expertise we have acquired for the more than 20 years we have been in this industry, every room in your home that has a supply vent should also have a dedicated return duct. With such an arrangement, the system can deliver more precise air balancing. Additionally, it allows you to tweak air volume to the various rooms to your preferred load requirement. If you would like to save money on the installation project or are working on a limited budget, we can also install a central return duct on a common area, such as the hallway.

Emphasis on Straight and Short Ducts

With our ductwork design, we try to position the air handler as centrally to the entire system as possible. This way, the length of the supply and the return ducts will be reduced significantly, which reduces air resistance and improves efficiency of the HVAC system.

Conditioned Response

Whenever possible, all the ductwork in your home should be routed through conditioned areas in your home. If your ductwork is positioned in an unconditioned crawl space beneath your home; the efficiency of the HVAC system will be affected. This is because some of the heat generated by the HVAC system will be lost to the outdoor air as a result of low temperatures in the unconditioned crawl space. With our heating maintenance and repair services Concord area, we will consider this aspect to ensure that you have a highly efficient ductwork in your home for improved comfort.

Striking the Balance

The flow of air from your ducts to the various rooms should be balanced, preferably using a volume measurement device. This way, you can rest assured that the air coming into the rooms through the supply vents is equal to the volume of air being sucked out of the room via the return vents. If this balance is not established, the efficiency of your HVAC will be affected negatively, so is the comfort in your home.

To ensure that you have a highly efficient and the appropriate HVAC ductwork installed in your home, you should only hire experienced and skilled heating maintenance and repair services Concordcontractors for the job. For quality services and solutions you can rely on, with regards to HVAC installation, repair and maintenance, call us today on (925) 800-6277.