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Need A Reliable HVAC Contractor? We're Up For The Job!

Did your regular guys do a lousy job or just not show up? That has to be really frustrating!

You’re trying to give money to somebody to fix a problem that they say they’re going to come and fix, but……

Who knows? It just slipped their minds! Maybe they went fishing?

Not us. When you call one of us to do to work a residential or commercial HVAC unit, we’re going to show up because we respect the fact that you are giving us your business.

Doing a good job is of the utmost importance to our team here, and this is how we strive to be one of the best HVAC contractors in Concord, CA…..

We’re Transparent About How Much We Charge And Why

When we come in and learn about the job you’ve called us in for, we will carefully inspect your system and see what needs to be fixed.

Afterwards, we’ll explain in plain English what must happen to have your system back to normal. We’ll review the costs for parts and inform you of what price we’d be willing to perform the job for.

We’re also more than happy to provide an estimate with a list of action items we’ll be performing during the job for your reference.

Our experience has shown how often good customers like yourself have been duped by a so-called professional who went back and forth on their prices. You are also free to read some of our 492 reviews that we’ve accumulated over the years!

We’re Experienced & Trained To Do Any HVAC Job

Whether it’s cleaning your ducts, performing a yearly tune-up of your air conditioner system, or installing a complex central ac for your business, our qualifications and background will put your mind at ease that you’ve made the right choice.

In order to work as an HVAC technician, we must accumulate a lot of knowledge and undergo a lot of training so that we can quickly find the problems and fix them correctly.

After all, we depend on these systems all the time to work and relax comfortably in our homes of businesses! You should only trust such work to the best people you can find!

Along with the many reviews we’ve accumulated, we’re also accredited by the Better Business Bureau.

Working on HVAC units has been our life’s work and it’s been passed on for generations here at Certified Heating and Air Conditioning as the owner worked with his grandfather in this business.

We Offer A Variety Of Services For The Concord Area

No matter whether you need HVAC contractors in Concord, CA to come to your home or place of business, we’re equipped to handle any maintenance, repairs, or installations that you may need us for.

Most of the problems we encounter have arisen from either a lack of maintenance or choosing the wrong service provider to work on their unit. By now, you’ve hopefully learned why you should give us a call at (925) 800-6277 if you need arrange an inspection or repair or whatever.

We hope to talk to you soon!