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What Makes A Contractor Great?

There are three answers to that question. Every contractor should of know what they’re doing, and they should be accurate and reasonable in their pricing and scheduling. There’s no question that timeliness and cleanliness is important. But what makes an air conditioning contractor in Concord, CA truly stand out from the rest?

● They need to be an expert both by extensive training and a wealth of real experience.
● A contractor must be courteous and professional at all times, to provide you with the best service.
● And lastly, they need to go above and beyond expectations.

They need to be an expert:

Air conditioners are all vastly different and have come a long way in a short time, like all technology. So this means that our contractors will see and service hundreds of different models with different components, fluids, settings and systems. Their knowledge needs to span decades of technological advancement and that’s no small feat. All of our contractors are both educated and experienced to provide you with the highest level of expert service possible.

They must be courteous and professional:

This is absolutely critical and it is something that so many contractors across all disciplines fail to emphasize. While we are experts in our field, that does not exempt us from being here to serve you. That means it is a contractor’s job to provide you with information in a clear and meaningful form and to answer your questions politely and promptly.

It is our job to leave your home cleaner than it was when we arrived and to add more value to your life than you are paying us to do. Certified isn’t just an air conditioning contractor in Concord, CA, we are a group of people committed to serving you and creating the most comfortable home possible.

Go above and beyond expectations:

No one wants to hire someone who does the bare minimum. The bottom line is barely enough if you work retail and it sure doesn’t cut it for us. Here at Certified Heating & Air Conditioning, we strive to always exceed your expectations.

That may mean teaching you ways to maintain your AC and spend less on professional maintenance, or it may mean going the extra mile to get everything perfect so that your repair or installation lasts as long as possible. We take pride in our work and we know that it is a reflection of our character. We aren’t satisfied with anything less than the best, and you shouldn’t be either.

So don’t settle for a second rate contractor, call Certified Heating & Air Conditioning today at (925) 800-6277. We aren’t just the best air conditioning contractor in Concord, CA. We are the only one that will exceed your expectations and do it with a smile. We look forwards to meeting you.