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New Trends in Air Conditioning for 2017

The Latest Innovations in AC Technology

From smartphone controlled thermostats to increased air quality filters, it’s exciting to see what the future holds for the HVAC industry. Here are four of the biggest innovations companies are working on and how they will benefit more and more consumers as time goes on and these technologies become more affordable for the average person. If you’re getting ready for air conditioning installation in Concord, CA, you might even find a few of them as features to your new system.

  1. Smart Thermostats rising in popularity

As we see more apps on the market every day, smartphone and web-based thermostats are becoming popular for homeowners and commercial firms. Nest is one of the first smart thermostat programs on the market. It can be added onto any home AC system so this is something you could try now.

People like smart thermostats for the ability to monitor and change home temperatures from far away, offering increased energy efficiency and savings on utility bills for the amount of precision it allows. You can expect to see more smart thermostats on the market from other manufacturers offering different features and creating more price competition.

  1. Inverter Air Conditioners becoming the trend for homeowners and businesses in the Air conditioning repairnext few years

Inverter-based ACs use about 30% less energy and are inexpensive to install. These systems use a variable speed compressor that senses temperature and adjusts with more precision than older systems. Companies are already working on developing an HVAC system that senses when you’re asleep and adjusts temperatures to save you money while you rest.

  1. Added Air Purification technology

With smog, pollutants, and allergies as big concerns for many of us, air conditioning and HVAC manufacturers are responding by adding air purification to units. Instead of buying a separate air purifier to plug into the wall and only help in one area of the house, imagine a much more powerful integrated unit. With an air purifier as part of your AC, viruses, bacteria, and allergens can be neutralized and filtered out of the air indoors. Streamer technology is another developing trend we’ve seen that’s removing odors from the air in addition to allergens, mold, and pollutants.

  1. Integrated HVAC systems

Can you imagine an air conditioner that senses how many people are in a home or office building? This is in the near future, especially for businesses who need to save money and keep employees comfortable. New HVAC systems that adjust in their energy output based on the number of people in the space will help save more energy.

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