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Quick Introduction to the Main Types of Air Conditioning Systems

What is the Best Air Conditioner for My Home?

Air conditioning systems give us the ability us to control the temperature within rooms and buildings, and Types of air conditioning systems are widely used in homes, businesses and production environments. The most widespread cooling method used in air conditioners is refrigeration, and although models and types vary, the principles used are basically the same. Certified Heating & Air Conditioning is a respected company with many years of experience, and we invite you to contact us regarding any aspect of air conditioning. We are an an excellent choice of air conditioning contractor in Concord CA.

Window and Through-the-Wall Air Conditioners

These types are self-contained, meaning that all components and functions are contained within one unit. These are usually most practical for single rooms or small living spaces such as apartments or bungalows, and a larger house or building can use several separate units. There are also larger versions of this type of unit, often used in hotels. The air conditioner can be fitted into or above a window frame, or into a space cut into an exterior wall. In the latter case, a supportive sleeve is used in order to hold the weight of the unit.

Split or Ductless Air Conditioners

As the name implies, this type of air conditioner consists of several units: one or more indoors and one outdoors, and rather than using ducts, refrigerant is transported via pipes. Typically the indoor unit will contain the cooling fan and evaporator, while the outdoor section contains the compressor, expansion valve and condenser. With this type of air conditioner, one outdoor unit can be used with several indoor cooling units, making it possible to regulate temperatures independently in the different rooms of a building.

Portable Air Conditioners

Portable units are small and easy to carry, and a customer can install these without the help of a technician. In this type, warm air is discharged through a hose pipe which can be fixed into a wall or an outside window, and a window installation fitting will often be included. In some cases, a portable unit is used in addition to other types of air conditioner, if the user wishes to cool only one room without cooling the rest of the rooms in the building, thus saving money.

Central Air Conditioning Units

Central air conditioners send cool air through a system of ducts, and can either be a split system or a so-called packaged unit. In the case of a packaged unit, all of the working components of the system are packaged in one unit located on the outside of the building. The central air conditioner is often the chosen type for residential use, as it can be very efficient, and also operated quietly due to all of the active components being outside. This type of unit is also widely used in commercial buildings and other larger spaces.

Certified Heating & Air Conditioning is a licensed company specializing in HVAC solutions, which has the knowledge, experience and customer focus to make it a superb choice of air conditioning contractor in Concord CA. Contact us by calling (925) 800-6277.

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