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Remove the odors from your home and get guests smiling

You know the immediate and off putting feeling it is to walk into a home with unpleasant odors. We get used to the smells of our pets, our cooking habits, and even our laundry detergents. Make sure you aren’t unintentionally sending a bad message to guests in your home by letting unnoticed odors take over your home. These tips will help you reduce odors and take away that stuffiness to the air that gets you down.
Certified Heating & Air Conditioning is a locally renowned provider of air conditioning maintenance and repair services in Concord, CA. While our specialty is around air quality in terms of temperature, we have some useful ideas to help with the unpleasant smells that may be affecting your home’s welcoming presence. Try them out and gain peace of mind when entertaining.

  • Pet odors need to be addressed first. We love our pets and spend a ton of time with them so it’s understandable why we get accustomed to their smells. Unfortunately for guests and those who suffer from allergies, the smells are strong and off putting. Two main actions will help your plan of attack on pet odors. First, vacuum frequently. Use a vacuum with a HEPA filter to trap dander. Get a robotic vacuum like a Roomba with a scheduler and use it to get additional hair and dandruff in between the jobs you do by hand. Your other task is changing the air filters in your air conditioner or furnace. These filters will do a great job improving the air quality in your home, but once they fill up, they lose their effectiveness. Plan on monthly changes by setting a reminder on your phone to make the task second nature. You can always scale back to bi-monthly changes if your filters aren’t full, but start with a strong hand.
  • Get rid of fishy smells. Cooking fish is a healthy choice but it leaves a lingering odor around the home for days. Even reheating a meal with fish will increase the scent. Use a pot to boil two cups water with two tablespoons of baking soda and a lemon peel after cooking fish. When you get this baking soda mixture into the air mixed with the essential oils in the peel, you’ll soak up the unpleasant scents of fish oils.
  • Open the windows. Let in fresh air every few days by cracking open the windows. Just ten minutes is enough to get some fresh air circulating the home without letting out all the cool air from your AC.
  • Erase garbage can odor. Even with frequent changes, the smell of rotting food will seep into the home. Place a quarter cup of coffee grounds inside a coffee filter and use a rubber band to close it. This will be your garbage can sachet. Put this in the bottom of the can before adding a new bag. Add a container of baking soda under the sink for additional help.

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