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Six ways to a happy and healthy home for your toddler

If you have a young child exploring the home, make sure it’s set up for safety and wonderment. By keeping your little one entertained and learning, you will create cherished memories. Read on for tips to make the home safer and more comfy, and how to set up a stimulating environment. Certified Heating & Air Conditioning is the area air conditioning contractor in Concord, CA known for helping residents and local businesses achieve the comfort they deserve in their homes with efficient and reliable AC. See if you’re already doing the ideas on our list or if there’s something you could learn.

  • Plan for the unexpected. Create two “emergency boo-boo” kits. One should stay at home in the medicine cabinet and the other should reside with a grandparent or person who looks after your child in their home. You might also create a mini kit for your stroller , purse, or diaper bag. The kit should contain the essentials for small emergencies: first aid anti-bacterial cream, some bandaids, diaper cream, and whatever else you might need. Some families go all out and add an emergency entertainment toy and Tupperware of a snack food, others keep it minimal. The idea here is making sure you purge expired items and are prepared for new environments with your child.
  • Ensure your child is safe from electrical outlets. Place outlet covers on all plugs not in use to prevent those little fingers from unsafe exploration.
  • Provide safe learning zones. Set up areas for your child to play and explore. Look for toys that offer mental stimulation. Put out several items but don’t create chaos in the play area. Have soft toys along with the stimulating ones so your child has the option to relax.
  • Make sure adult life doesn’t encroach on your child’s health and safety. While it’s obvious to protect your child from second-hand smoke, remember your day to day clutter can become hazardous for a child. Work on reducing excess clutter in your day to day habits to keep unsafe items from your child. You’ll gain a cleaner home in the process.
  • Keep air quality high in the house. You’re spending a lot of time indoors with your little one so make sure the air you breathe is safe and the temperature is comfortable. Get an air conditioning contractor in Concord, CA you can trust by calling Certified Heating & Air Conditioning. The two biggest things you can do as a parent are keep up on air filter changes to reduce contaminants in the air and get seasonal maintenance cleaning on your AC and air ducts.
  • Expose your child to reading and music from an early age. Spending time together reading a book to your child or singing a song helps stimulate the language learning and processing parts of the brain. It helps them hear the phonemes or sounds particular to our language. If you also speak other languages, make sure to speak them to your child, too. It will help increase their ability to hear different sounds as they acquire language skills through life.

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