Choosing the Best Dryer Vent for Your Home

Choosing the Best Dryer Vent for Your Home

Lint being removed with a brush from a dryer vent

Inspecting your dryer vent may not be at the top of your list of home repairs, but it’s a task that should be done regularly. Dryer vents not only vent hot air from your dryer outside, but they are also responsible for transporting lint and other small particles that have collected in your dryer to the outside world. A failing dryer vent will not only decrease your dryer’s efficiency and increase wear and tear on your clothes, but it can also cause your dryer to overheat which presents a major fire hazard. In fact, dryers are the leading cause of house fires. Every year, firefighters across the country respond to about 14,000 home fires per year directly caused by clogged dryer vents. Review this guide to choose the correct dryer vent for your home:

The Purpose of Dryer Vents

A typical dryer vent is designed to have a length between 10-20 feet and will transport heat, lint and moisture from the inside of your appliance to an area outside the home. The vents are typically made with aluminum on the exterior for durability as well as flexibility so it can bend around corners in homes where space may be limited. Proper dryer ventilation allows your dryer to work more effectively and efficiently which in turn reduces the risk of fire hazard.

Choosing a Dryer Vent for Your Home

It is important to understand that choosing a dryer vent for your home is dependent on the shape of your home, the direction it faces and the orientation of your laundry room. Outside-venting systems tend to be the most efficient form of ventilation, but if you have a basement or second-floor laundry room choosing a vented dryer that is connected to the wall with ductwork may be your best bet. In addition to home-specific factors, it is important to choose ventilation that is made of fire-resistant aluminum or steel that is the correct size for your specific dryer.

Dryer Vent Maintenance

In addition to choosing the right dryer vent for your home, it is important to follow tips and tricks on how to perform simple dryer vent maintenance.

First, it is essential to clean the lint filter in your dyer after every drying cycle. Doing so will ensure that the least amount of lint and debris will accumulate in the vent itself.

Next, it is critical to not only empty your dryer lint traps, but to clean the dryer vents periodically. Dryer exhaust typically carries a significant amount of lint along with it, which can collect in the hose and vent, eventually clogging the airway. This flammable material combined with the heat created by the dryer causes a significant fire hazard if it builds up.

Last, it is best practice to have your dryer vents professionally cleaned by a specialist at least once a year. Dryer vent cleaning specialists will ensure that your dryer is running in a safe and effective manner that mitigates any possibility of a dryer fire. Contact Certified Heating and Air Conditioning today with any questions regarding dryer vent maintenance in your home! Our trained professionals will be happy to answer any questions and ease any concerns you may have.


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