How Do You Know If Your Heat Pump Is Working?

How Do You Know If Your Heat Pump Is Working?

It is easy to detect a perfectly working heat pump system at your home. Let’s find out about the signs that indicate you may need to call experts for heat pump services in Pittsburg.

Signs Your Heat Pump is Working in Good Condition

Here are some signs that the heat pump is running correctly:

  1. Operates at minimal noise
  2. Quickly warms or cools the indoors
  3. No odors to worry about
  4. No dust or dirt in the indoor air
  5. Easy to operate and responds to changes made in the thermostat effectively
  6. Proper airflow and maintaining humidity levels
  7. No water leakage

Signs Your Heat Pump is Not Working Properly

If you see the following signs, you may need to call our heat pump service experts in Lafayette, CA, for inspection. These signs are an indication there is an issue inside the system. It is better to resolve them before they become much bigger problems.

  • Strange and Loud Noises

The heat pump should operate at minimal noise levels. However, when you hear strange noises, you should call our experts. Here is what different sound means:

  1. Hissing noise indicates a refrigerant or air leakage from the refrigeration lines.
  2. A loud buzzing or humming noise indicates a potential problem with the electric wires or connection. Switch off the system and call an expert if you see sparks in the control box.
  3. A grinding noise is a sign there is insufficient lubrication between the mechanical components.
  4. A rattling noise indicates a loose component or motor issues in the system.
  • Not Blowing Cold or Warm Air

The heat pump system may start blowing warm air in summer and cold air in winter. If you are facing this issue, may there be a problem with the reversing valve or the thermostat. A clogged air filter can be responsible for the issue.

  • Short-Cycling

If you feel the system is short-cycling, you should immediately contact our heat pump service technician in Lafayette, CA. It is easy to determine if the indoor air runs for 5-10 minutes and the heating or cooling cycle suddenly stops in the middle.

It can be due to numerous reasons, such as a faulty thermostat or blower, and should be resolved.

  • Freezing Up

It is normal to find a thin layer of ice over the heat pump, and the heat pump system will fix it because there is a defroster mode. However, if you see the ice layer getting thick, you need to report the problem to our HVAC technician.

  • Increase in Electricity Bills

One of the easiest ways you can tell your heat pump is malfunctioning is by looking at the electricity bill. The electricity consumption increases if there is a faulty component in the assembly trying to efficiently.

The best way to avoid heat pump problems in the middle of the winter or summer season is to schedule biannual maintenance services. One in the spring and the other in the autumn keep the heat pump in great condition.

If you wish to avoid expensive repair costs, contact Certified Solar, Heating, and Air Conditioning, the heat pump service experts servicing Pittsburgh and Lafayette. Call (925) 239-4841 to schedule an appointment. We are ready to assist you with any heating issue!N