Indoor Air Quality and Virus Prevention

Indoor Air Quality and Virus Prevention

3D rendering of a white air cleaner making indoor air fresh all day in a closed room.

Indoor air quality (IAQ) refers to the air quality within building structures, especially as it relates to the health and safety of building occupants. Proper IAQ is a growing concern of homeowners across the country as they look to reduce the risk of indoor health concerns. Appropriate ventilation and strong indoor air quality not only reduce the risk of indoor pollution, but they also play a big role in virus prevention within the home.

COVID-19 and Other Viruses

The rapid spread of several COVID-19 variants, as well as common cold and flu viruses have left people with the question of what they can do to help stop the spread. In order to stop the spread of COVID and other viruses it is best to maintain social distancing, wash your hands frequently, and sanitize common areas. As businesses and schools have made the decision to bring individuals back into group settings, it is important to understand the role that proper indoor ventilation can play in keeping everyone safe.

Ventilation Rate & Air Change Rate: Why They Are Important for Virus Prevention

As individuals consider going back to group settings, understanding air quality terminology can help you ask the right questions.

  • Ventilation rate is the volume of outside air provided per unit of time
  • Air change rate is the ventilation of a space divided by the volume of that space.

Essentially, both rates inform you on how fast the room can be cleared of any airborne contaminants. With all airborne viruses, especially COVID, the faster you can clear out contaminants the lower the risk of virus transmission. Clean IAQ and increased ventilation has been proven to reduce transmission of airborne viruses and diseases by lowering the concentration of infectious particles in the air.

Prevention is always going to be the best method of combating these unseen threats. One of the best ways to prevent the spread of these viruses throughout your home is to utilize indoor air quality solutions such as the Aerus Air Scubber and iWave Air Purifier.

Air Scrubber and iWave Air Purifier

At Certified Heating and Air Conditioning, we carry two important devices for the preservation of indoor air quality: The Aerus Air Scrubber and the iWave Air Purifier. Both of these tools share a common goal of keeping the air that you breathe safe, pure, and free of viruses and pollutants. The Air Scrubber and the iWave act as an add-on to your existing HVAC system and work to neutralize indoor air contaminants.

How the Air Scrubber Works:

  • Uses UV Light
  • Scrubs the Air of 90% of airborne pathogens

How the iWave Works:

  • Uses a process called Ionization
  • Attaches negative ions to unwanted particles causing them to clump together and fall out of the air

Contact Certified Heating and Air Conditioning today and one of our professional, COVID-conscious technicians will work to help you choose the best air purification system for your home!


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