Is My Duct System Rodent Proof?

Is My Duct System Rodent Proof?

Are there rodents living in your air duct system? Some of us may wonder how we can tell. The truth is rodent issues are common in many homes in the Bay Area. When these pesky critters enter your home, you may not know where to start to tackle the issue. Luckily Certified Heating and Air Conditioning is here to help! We have put together this guide to help you understand the signs of rodents, and how you can prevent them from getting into your systems.

What Are the Signs?

So, in order to make your system rodent proof, you first need to understand the signs of rodents in your ducts. There are a few main signs that you can rely on.

First, if you ever hear crawling or chewing sounds in your walls, there definitely is a critter living in there. A terrible odor is the next sign, and this can either be from a dead rodent in the system or their fecal matter. The circulating air will carry this smell throughout the house, so it is best to get the animal removed as soon as possible. Third, an infestation of insects around your vents could mean rodents are present. Decreased indoor air quality and allergy-like symptoms could become present as well. Finally, droppings, bite marks, and other tracings of animals could become visible throughout your home.

If you notice any of these signs, it is best to call animal control or an extermination company that will come remove the animals for you.

What Are Your First Steps?

Once you have had these rodents removed from your air duct system, the first thing you should do is have your system cleaned and repaired or replaced. Doing this will ensure your system is running smoothly and up to date with the latest materials that can help prevent infestation in the future.

How to Make Your Duct Work Rodent Resistant?

Most new duct work is not rodent-proof and only some have rodent-resistant material that makes it harder for animals to chew. The first step to ensuring that rodents do not harm your system in the future is by keeping them from getting under your house or in your attic.

Before getting a new duct system you must seal the areas that the animals enter through rather than just replacing the ductwork. Once the space is sealed and the area is cleaned up it is important to make sure the duct work is sealed as airtight as possible, so the scent of food isn’t introduced.

Completing these steps will help keep rodents from entering your home in the future and keep your HVAC system safe.

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