Why Do I Need Maintenance?

Why Do I Need Maintenance?

HVAC Contractor Working on condenser

The most common question that our technicians get asked is “How much does maintenance cost?” The answer to this question is subjective based on how much you use our services.  Monthly maintenance programs range from $13-$40 depending on your specific system and include reminders on when your system needs a tune-up. Traditionally, we service air-conditioning units in the spring, furnaces in the fall, and perform HVAC and filter maintenances 4x a year. Annual maintenance costs is relatively low once the initial tune-ups are performed the system will run smoothly barring any major malfunctions.

Money Well Spent

The answer is that the system works fine, right now. Think about a car engine and oil change for a second. Your car may work just fine right now, but in order to keep it running well, you need to give it regular oil changes. While preventative maintenance has permeated its way through the popular lexicon of car owners, this very idea as it pertains to your HVAC unit is not as widely accepted within society – but that doesn’t mean its not true.

You Don’t Want This Scenario

High efficiency units can produce water that creates different organisms that should not sit. If these organisms run through the drainage system, the pressure hoses and so forth, annual maintenance is able to clean it out. The alternative could leave you stranded in a hot day in the summer or a really cold night and have to make the panic phone call. This not only can leave you and your family with a certain degree of physical discomfort, but also leave you lighter in the wallet by paying for major repairs or a replacement, and the rush fees that are associated with emergency HVAC repairs.

When To Get Maintenance

Maintenance should be done on an annual basis, and the most popular times are during shoulder seasons in the fall and spring months, when the weather is mild. You can save money with Certified getting your home on an annual maintenance plan for less than $15/mo.! Learn more here.