Daikin FIT In Concord, CA

Daikin FIT In Concord, Brentwood, Oakley, CA, And Surrounding Areas

No matter the season, it can be frustrating when your home HVAC system doesn’t work predictably, efficiently, or without a host of accompanying inconveniences. Those looking to upgrade typically want a system that eliminates some of the most common frustrations associated with HVAC and that’s precisely what Daikin FIT was designed to do.

Daikin FIT is different because it’s an inverter system with a slim, compact, easy-to-install-anywhere side discharge system that assures a comfortable and predictable climate control experience for virtually any home environment. Call us today for Daikin FIT in Concord, Brentwood, Oakley, CA, and surrounding areas.

What Is Daikin FIT?

The Daikin FIT is an inverter system designed with a few primary goals in mind—reducing both the cost and noise associated with running an HVAC system and increasing the efficiency and degree of control afforded customers in their HVAC experience. More traditional, non-inverter HVAC systems tend to create a lot of white noise that can be bothersome.

Additionally, they are relatively inefficient at both controlling climate and reducing energy costs when compared with a more high-tech option like the Daikin FIT. As Daikin Comfort boasts, customers for Daikin FIT note an uptick in comfort, control, efficiency, and air quality such that they report being able to essentially create their “own unique ecosystem” at home.

Unique Features Of The Daikin FIT

There are a few key features that make the Daikin FIT an optimal HVAC system for anyone in Concord, CA, looking for cutting-edge HVAC technology:

  • Inverter System: Better Control
    Most traditional HVAC systems are non-inverter systems, meaning that they tend to power on and off upon reaching set temperatures, leading to less stability in the home climate. By contrast, Daikin FIT is an inverter system, meaning it stays on continuously; instead of turning on and off, the system adjusts the speed of the compressor, meaning your home climate remains more or less exactly how you want it at all times.
  • Consistent Temperature
    A consistent temperature means you no longer have to worry about getting too hot or too cold because the intelligent design of the Daikin FIT assures your home stays at the set temperature.
  • Filtered Air for Better Humidity Control
    The continuous air filtration embedded into the Daikin FIT system helps maintain more optimal humidity levels, which can be a saving grace on a muggy day like those we get in the Bay Area.
  • Quiet Operation
    Since the system stays on continuously, the Daikin FIT eliminates the nuisance of noisy start-ups or loudly blowing air associated with non-inverter systems. No more waking up in the night or disturbing your concentration when your HVAC system is this whisper-soft.
  • Slim, Space-Efficient Design
    The compact and slim design of the Daikin FIT side discharge system means literally thinking outside the box since it eliminates the need for a bulky top discharge box system. Short on space? The Daikin FIT will likely do just what it says and fit.
  • Savings from Energy Efficiency
    Inverter technology allows the temperature and climate to remain stable, which provides up to 30% of energy savings in comparison to HVAC system that do not have this inverter technology.
  • Intelligent Features for Long Operation Life
    In addition to all the great ways that the Daikin FIT improves the reliability of an HVAC system, it’s equipped with numerous smart features to address operational contingencies, such as hot start technology, an intelligent defrost mode, and a water-shedding drain pan.

If you want to learn more about the system or are interested in scheduling a Daikin FIT installation in your Concord, CA, home, contact us today!

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