Dual Fuel

Dual fuel system is an advanced heating and cooling device. The term refers to a device that can be operated with two different energy sources. The purpose of using dual fuel technology is to ensure highest efficiency possible. The two energy sources used to run the device include electricity and fossil fuel. The fuel can be gas or oil. The device can be switched from one energy source to another to maximize energy efficiency. In some hot climate areas, the high ambient heat of the environment itself can be used to keep the home warm. Using a powerful energy source for heating when environmental temperature is moderate or high can mean wastage of energy. At times when there is no such ambient heat and it is quite cold outside, the device switches to the more powerful fossil fuel. This fuel switching technology increases device efficiency.

Dual fuel system offers you many advantages. Run the device on electricity when it is cool and run it on gas or oil when it is too cold. Enjoy the best comfort level all year round while reducing your energy bills. Electric heaters are generally considered inefficient but devices in this category use energy efficient technology. Electric heat transfer technology which is very efficient is used in place of direct heating. Such a heating system consumes less electricity compared to other types of electric heaters. You will save lots of money over the years when you use a dual fuel HVAC system.

Such HVAC units are available in both packaged and split options. The split units are available in various models to suit different efficiency and budget requirements. If you are unable to determine what type of dual fuel HVAC system is best for your needs, just give us a call. We will send an expert HVAC technician to inspect your home and perform some tests. We will send a technician who specializes in dual fuel heating and cooling devices. You will receive expert opinion. We have 20 years of experience in this field. We have been providing HVAC services since 2002 to the residents of Bay Area.

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