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Improving Your Indoor Climate Control in the Bay Area
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Every air conditioner or heater is comprised of many different components, mechanisms, and materials such as the capacitors, fuel, compressor motors, coils, refrigerant, and more. For the appliance to work optimally, all these different parts should work in unison. However, there’s one component that lets you access the whole system and which is fairly inexpensive and small—yes, we are talking thermostats!

Certified Solar, Heating & Air Conditioning offers a full range of services for your thermostats at home. Whether yours needs repairs or an upgrade, our team of indoor climate experts is equipped and ready.


Like smartphones and other consumer appliances, you’ll be spoiled for choices when looking to buy a thermostat. Things become even more confusing when you don’t know what you need or if it’s your first time buying a thermostat and you haven’t researched much.

Without a thermostat, components of your system would undergo more wear and tear, and your overall costs for running the appliance will also shoot higher. The modern thermostat has become smarter and provide a range of additional functionalities to add more convenience to your lives.

Choosing A Thermostat: What's Out There?

Wi-Fi/Smart – The smart or Wi-Fi-enabled thermostat is an extension of the programmable thermostat. It helps control the thermostat from a distance via a smartphone or tablet PC.

Digital – A digital thermostat is a perfect upgrade option for homeowners who’d like to have an easy option for controlling the temperature in the house.

Programmable – The programmable thermostat is a slightly advanced version of digital thermostats, as it comes with programming options. This means the thermostat operation can be scheduled in advance so that the thermostat switches it off when no one’s at home, and it turns itself on when you come back home.

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